Master craftsmen and decorators

Carpenters and engravers

Fundamental figures for the company: they prepare the basic pieces to be used for trays, tables and other items and outline the borders and handles with different techniques and raised designs, according to the final product to be made. They then assemble the individual parts and prepare them for the subsequent phases.


Prepares the items for decoration with a compound that creates a smooth and uniform base: priming.


Great manual skill is required: precision and care are the distinguishing features of this delicate phase, which enhances and enriches the painted parts of items and gives them luminosity.


Great taste and artistic sensitivity. The knowledge and manual skill required have been handed down from one generation to the next since the fourteenth century. This is the most demanding of the traditional techniques employed: using the tools of his trade – punches and gravers – he first stamps the general design onto the item using heat or pressure, before moving on to the engraving phase. All this work is done freehand: from the initial careful division of the space available in order to maintain the desired proportions and artistic harmony, to the final phase of applying shellac, which serves to clean the gold and give it a natural look.


Essentially an all-round artist. Expert hands guide fluid and harmonious brushstrokes, effortlessly colouring tiny spaces with incredible precision and minute detail. The forms, designs and colours arouse intense sensations and emotions in the heart and mind.


Great experience in the technique and methods of ageing are required to give items a realistic and highly effective “used” or “antique” look.


This is the final phase in finishing the product. Using an airbrush, a uniform layer of varnish is applied (in jargon “lacquering”) to protect the decoration and make the item suitable for any use without it getting dirty or spoilt.