Wood Thermos

Years of study on materials and decoration techniques have given life to a unique product of its kind: a thermos with the external body in wood decorated with the ancient techniques of Florentine craftsmanship with a thermal flask inside capable of keeping for 12 hours both hot and cold liquids. We are proud to have been able to create a product that in addition to being elegant and refined is also practical and light as well as an ambassador of our history in the world.


  • Thirteenth Century Florentine
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Floral
  • Country


  • Classic
  • Luxury


  • Over the years we have introduced a lot of forms in various sizes
  • New shapes are designed each year
  • Personalized shapes (on request)


  • Each item bears the hallmark “Sezzatini Hand Made in Italy”
  • Certificate of authenticity in 10 languages
  • Items are individually wrapped in elegant tissue paper
  • Packed in individual boxes