Plexiglass Trays

The union of the transparent Plexiglas edge with the wood decorated according to ancient Florentine techniques gives rise to an elegant and modern product that testifies to the continuous evolution of the Sezzatini company.
These trays are the synthesis between the tradition of the wooden tray decorated with the Florentine style and a younger and more current taste: a refined and more versatile product.


  • Thirteenth Century Florentine
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Floral
  • Country


  • Classic
  • Luxury


  • Over the years we have introduced a lot of forms in various sizes
  • New shapes are designed each year
  • Personalized shapes (on request)


  • Each item bears the hallmark “Sezzatini Hand Made in Italy”
  • Certificate of authenticity in 10 languages
  • Items are individually wrapped in elegant tissue paper
  • Packed in individual boxes